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Do It Yourself Garage Door Tune Up

Garage doors experience much wear and tear.  On average, a garage door will go up and down more than a thousand times every year.  In order to keep your garage door in good working condition, you should perform yearly maintenance.  Checking and servicing your door’s parts will help to ensure the longest life possible for them.  We offer a $79 maintenance special, but for those of you DIY folks, here are some steps to properly service your door.

What You’ll Need

*screwdriver                                                     *level

*silicone-based spray                                     *white lithium grease

1.  Disconnect

For your safety, disconnect all the electrical components.  You can unplug your opener from the outlet in the ceiling or flip the breaker for your garage.  Next, pull the emergency release to disconnect your door from the opener.  (This is the red cord and handle dangling from the opener.)

2.  Look for obvious issues

Look at the rollers and brackets.  Make sure nothing is dangling or out of place. Inspect the weather stripping along the bottom of the door.

3.  Lubricate rollers

Using a silicone based lubricant, spray all the rollers to keep them spinning freely.

4.  Inspect moving parts

Once your opener is disconnected (step 1), you should be able to lift your door with ease.  Move the door up and down a little and watch the parts that are moving.  If you see anything that is loose unnecessarily, tighten them with a screwdriver.  If something seems to be getting stuck, check it for buildup or gunk and clean it out.  You may need to lubricate after you have cleaned it.

5.  Lubricate springs and chains

Use a silicone based spray to lubricate the torsion springs above the door.  These springs are under enormous tension.  If any adjustments are necessary, call a professional.  Without the knowledge and right tools, these springs can be deadly if they come loose unexpectedly.  Do not attempt to adjust them!

Use white lithium grease to lubricate the chain that extends from your opener out.  (If you have a belt drive opener, you will not have a chain.)

6.  Inspect the track

Look at the track and use a level to determine if it is straight.  A crooked track can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the other parts.  If it is crooked, call a professional to come out and look it over and fix it for you.

7.  Final check

Lift your door halfway open.  When you let go, the door should remain halfway open.  If your door goes up or down once you have let go, the springs are in need of adjustment.  As noted before, torsion springs can be very dangerous and even deadly.  Please contact a professional to come out and adjust them correctly.  Lastly, reconnect your opener to your door.  Using the emergency release cord, pull forward and release till your hear a clicking sound.  This is the sound of the two connecting.  If you have difficulty with this, see our how-to video under Helpful Information on this website.